I’ve had the tremendous privilege of getting to know and work with some amazing authors over the years. Some of them include bestselling authors Mandy M. Roth, Shannon Mayer, Robyn Peterman, and Michelle M. Pillow.

Shannon Mayer - bestselling author

Shannon Mayer

I’ve used Heather’s services for both audio proofing and proofreading of manuscripts and I’m always impressed by how thorough and fast of a job she does! Her ability to notice even the smallest typos and continuity errors has helped make my manuscripts cleaner than ever. I can easily recommend her services!
Robyn Peterman - bestselling author

Robyn Peterman

Heather is professional, quick and brilliant. She has a sense of humor which I find imperative in a creative working relationship. Her uncanny ability to find typos that everyone else misses makes her an invaluable part of my team. Heather is also sensible and straight forward. I highly recommend her services.

Mandy M. Roth - bestselling author

Mandy M. Roth

Heather is an amazing assistant. She’s always thinking of creative ways to handle tasks and has helped lighten my load.

Michelle M. Pillow - bestselling author

Michelle M. Pillow

Heather Nelson created a website for a group project and has been a phenomenal help in keeping the adjoining Facebook group of around 15k running smoothly by coordinating the guest author takeover calendar. Thank you, Heather!

Dr. Robi Ludwig

Dr. Robi Ludwig

Heather is fantastic at what she does! She is invested in her work and in making her clients’ lives easier and more effective for them. She is creative, proactive, detail oriented and an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her! She’s fantastic!

Connie Bowman

Connie Bowman

Heather has so many gifts and is a joy to work with! Keeping up with all of the promotional aspects of publishing can be challenging but Heather knows what I need even before I do. She manages my Goodreads and Amazon author pages and creates super creative images for my social media. I cannot say enough good things about Heather. She’s very nice too!

Maribeth Decker

Maribeth Decker

Heather has been a great find! She is the reason people tell me they see me everywhere on social media! I’m not a consistent social media poster. And it takes me FOREVER to create posts. Heather creates posts for my Facebook business page & group, Twitter, and LinkedIn. She creates these posts from my blogs, testimonials, and quotes from my book. Plus, she finds great material on her own that resonates with my “tribe.” Heather also takes many administrative tasks off my to-do list, so I have more time for clients. And she’s reliable and easy to work. I am grateful to have her on my team!